Monday, July 25, 2005

Dumpling Man - New York, NY

Potstickers, gyoza, mandoo, ravioli. Many different cultures have different names for dumplings....I call them bite size pieces of goodness. Dumplings can be a meal by itself, it can be a side dish, or it can be added to various soups. They can also be seared, deep fried, steamed, or boiled. Any way you cook them, you know that they'll taste great, and that's why today I'm featuring (drum roll please)....Dumpling Man.

Dumpling Man is a small restaurant hidden within St. Marks Place in the East Village. They are most known for their seared or steamed chicken, pork, shrimp, and veggie dumplings. As you walk into this restaurant, you see a narrow hallway with long counterspace for people to eat. In front of the counter is a glass looking into the kitchen as you can watch very unhappy looking Asian women slave away preparing the dumplings. Everything that goes into the dumplings is made from scratch. You can watch as these women prepare the dough, roll it into flat wrappers, spoon the filling into the wrapper, and fold them into dumplings.

The dumplings can be purchased in sets of 6 or 10, or you can buy them individually as long as you purchase at least 4 dumplings. Most people simply add a little soy sauce to the dumplings, but a few people will take advantage of Dumpling Man's two exotic sauces. Although the dumplings are prepared using Asian techniques, people can order the dumplings with Marco Polo sauce which is a marinara type sauce or Red Monster sauce which has a spicy bite.

I've tried this restaurant, and I quite like it. I think one could get better and less expensive dumplings in Chinatown, but there's something about this trendy hole in the wall that I find appealing. If you're ever down in St. Mark's and you don't want authentic Japanese food, check this place out.


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